StreNgth Training

ubrZati Strength incorporates the most advanced training techniques available to develop the most powerful and explosive athletes.

Injury Prevention

Athletes can prevent injuries by building stronger muscles, tendons, and ligaments

Data Driven

Training will be scientifically periodized by tracking each athlete's strength maximum on each lift

Velocity Based Training

Through velocity-based training techniques, we are able to increase athletes' power and explosiveness

Fundamental Movements

A strong athletic base is created with rotational coiled core techniques and perfect movement patterns

Who is this program for?

All athletes of any age, regardless of sport, need a strong, synchronized core for efficient, risk-free performance.

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Value of training as a team at a discounted group rate.
(minimum of 6 athletes)


We also offer one-on-one personal training with ubrZati coaches.


We typically start at age 10+ with exceptions on case by case basis.


Speed, power, agility, and endurance apply to athletes of every sport.


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